Pig Tales ...the last RESORT, lockdown, loss and The Stylish Pig Life

Welcome to the first of the Pig Tales blogs.

If you follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my website you will know I am about to launch a very exciting new affordable jewellery collection called RESORT.

The journey to finally bringing this design dream to you all started when we were forced into lockdown. I have been wanting to expand my business further for sometime with an extra product line but, in all honesty, life has got in the way and I was unable to begin. I started hoping and dreaming that this would be possible for later in the year. In preparation I had bought equipment and been busy beginning the design process in my studio Lodge.

The original core section of my business alongside my lifestyle and fashion posts on Instagram was my customised leather designs on both my own line of leather goods and on your existing pieces. I love doing these quirky designs and changing up your handbags, travel bags and makeup bags with my hand painted work. When everything changed in the world it became impossible to get the leather stock into the country for the for seeable future so I was standing at a crossroads along with so many others.

Dealing with this decision was then horribly overshadowed by the sudden and heart wrenching loss of my darling daddy. Trapped in lockdown unable to see him before he passed or support my mum in anyway has been so hard I thought I would burst.

I kept looking over my shoulder and wandering why life can be so cruel at times but I decided to put my big girl pants on and face what the world was throwing at me. Hours of teaching my mum to face time without just giving me spectacular views of her nasal cavity have proved to be so rewarding! Although we can't be together physically we can still have a connection. It is with this sentiment that my brain began to formulate a plan. I am very lucky to have a large garden and tucked away from my house I have a Lodge. This is my studio, office and HQ for The Stylish Pig Life. I go there to work and design. Everyday as I walked with my coffee in hand to the Lodge I would find a feather on the grass or on the matt outside the door, either there was a giant pigeon with alopecia or it was a message from dad. For the purposes of romance and comfort I went with the latter! My dad loved anything to do with flying and I reckon when they handed him his wings up there they would have been bloody enormous! Those words came back to me again... although we can't be together, we still have a connection ... I know he was guiding me forward to work hard and turn my crushing physical loss into a positive creative energy and design something really special.

Fast forward a few healing weeks, hours of being locked in the Lodge with design boards and negotiating with suppliers that could actually still honour my demand and just like that my jewellery collection has been born. My whole collection is based around affordable style and design. I began with a small collection of charm bangles that can be personalised and customised both with initials and a variety of charms and handmade glass beads. To follow, we have RESORT, a combination of freshwater pearls teamed with pave shimmering charms. Mix and match all combinations and make them your own Necklaces, earrings and swappable charms are all woven into a collection that will make you feel transported somewhere else. Our summer stay vacay can still feel beautiful and seasonal, don't leave those fabulous looks hanging in your wardrobes until next year make yourself feel special and team them with some stylish and affordable jewellery.

Sitting amongst the collection is a very special charm, its called the Robert Wing. Its a gold and pave wing charm in honour of my dad.

He gave me the feathers... it's time to fly!

RESORT launches very soon be sure to subscribe to my website to be the first to view the collection.

Fleur xxx

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