This Little Piggy Stayed At Home ... STYLE WEDNESDAY

Simple lunch at home with the girls, easy to prepare, light and delicious!

Beetroot, puy lentil and roasted cauliflower salad

This salad packs a delicious punch using simple fresh seasonal ingredients. You can prepare all the elements in advance and assemble just before you eat. This salad is perfect for a relaxed lunch at home and also makes a great starter for a dinner party.

For the salad you will need the following

Bunch of fresh Beetroot

1 large salad onion

4 tablespoons of pine nuts (toasted)

1 bag of spinach leaves

Olive oil, balsamic vinegar

Puy lentils 250g

1/2 fresh garlic clove

Feta cheese to taste


Slice the cauliflower into thin slices, lay flat on a baking tray with the oven heated to 180 degrees. Rub over with salt and pepper and the paprika, drizzle with olive oil. Roast for 30 mins or until golden, dark brown around the edges and soft. Remove from the tray and leave to cool. On another baking tray, place the peeled sliced beetroot dust with black pepper salt and drizzle olive oil. Roast in the oven until soft with a slight char on the edges, remove and cool.

Cook and cool your lentils whilst the veg is roasting and then add a very finely chopped half of a garlic clove, olive oil (1/2 tablespoon), black pepper, salt and balsamic to taste. Toast your pine nuts add the majority to the lentils leaving a few to sprinkle on the top once assembled.

Slice the salad onion very finely and use the individual discs throughout the salad layers. Plate all the ingredients in layers, hiding little spoonfuls of lentils under spinach leaves for your guests to discover as they dive in. Finally garnish with crumbled feta, a pinch of sea salt and serve!

Happy STYLE WEDNESDAY from The Stylish Pig Life

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